Walk the Vote 2018

Get ready to walk!

June 9, 2018, in Downtown Overland Park, KS
8 am Registration
9 am Walk

2018 is as critical a year as we have had in Kansas politics. From the races for U.S. Congress, to the Governor and the Secretary of State, to the State legislators who craft the laws, the outcome of this election couldn't be more important.

Help us raise the money needed to keep the momentum moving forward, to protect legislators who have taken a stand, and give them the help they need to really make a difference. This effort starts with you. It starts here.

Who are we? Walk the Vote raises money for the MainStream Coalition's election work, and 100% of the money raised will go to election activities. We support candidates of any party who support the values we stand for: good governance, quality public education, healthy communities and sustainable fiscal policy. Read more here.

Hundreds of people came out last year, and brought their teams, their signs, their shirts (our shirts, too), their chants, their kids, their dogs... and their dedication to a better Kansas. Save the date, and join us this year!

Share these images and this website, and start thinking of your team name!

Hand holding a sign ant a political march

Someone wearing socks that say Vote!

Kids wearing shirts that say Future Member of Congress